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Brain Cancer Action & Brain Cancer Action Week

Many people are still unaware that brain cancer is one of the most lethal yet understudied of all cancers. It is the leading cancer killer for young people under age 39 and children under 10, yet receives very little research funding.

Worryingly little is known about this disease, other than some devastating statistics:

  • Not only is brain cancer the leading cause of cancer death for young people under the age of 39 and children under 10, it carries the highest financial burden of all cancers
  • In its malignant form it is almost 100% fatal
  • It is one of the most under-studied of all cancers
  • Around 1600 people a year will be diagnosed with brain cancer in Australia, approximately 1200 will pass away
  • One person is diagnosed with brain cancer every 6 hours in Australia, every 8 hours one will pass away

There is hope. Our current research projects are on their way to breakthrough. A ground-breaking study funded by Cancer Council will recruit 800 brain cancer patients and 800 healthy family members from across Australia to determine the combination of lifestyle and genetic factors that cause brain cancer.

This, along with other research programs will keep us on the path to cure. Funding will keep these vital research projects going. Through raising awareness and funding research, together we can find the answers…

Brain Cancer Action Week 2014

DATES ANNOUNCED Sunday 27th April – Saturday 3rd May

Thanks to your support Cancer Council NSW is the biggest non-government funder of brain cancer research in Australia – pledging over $11 million towards brain cancer research since 2007. Our commitment will continue.

Brain Cancer Action Week 2014 is fast approaching. We’ve got some fabulous events and activities planned, with more information to come!

Activities to support the week and beyond are posted on our events page.

You can help beat brain cancer

Click here to find out how your donation counts.

What is Brain Cancer Action Week?

Grey MattersBrain Cancer Action Week is an awareness and fundraising initiative of Cancer Council NSW working in collaboration with the Cancer Institute NSW, NSW Oncology Group Neuro-Oncology, Grey Matters, Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group, Brain Tumour Alliance Australia and Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

The aim is to increase awareness and funding for brain cancer. Brain cancer is the least understood cancer in Australia, despite being one of the most fatal.

Research projects supported through Brain Cancer Action Week, will help to identify people at risk, provide the most effective treatment options, and help develop new therapies that will extend the lives of patients.

Funds raised so far!


Thanks to your support, we are on
our way to raising our goal of $1,400,000!

*updated weekly

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